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Sidavi Payment Method

01. Paypal Online  --Recommend


PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information.  We recommend you use the paypal make the payment for your order on our website. If u do not have paypal account or do not know how to use it, please you can learn it on the paypal official website:  www.paypal.com


02. Visa Or MasterCard

We accept Visa, MasterCard through Bank Of China Secure System.As high charge fee,we donot recommend you use the credit card. The paypal accept the all credit card well too. You can choose the Paypal or follow payment mothed as the best payment.


03. Western Union Quickly easy payment


We prefer Western Union transfer, it is very easy,fast and can take 5% discount for your order. You can call 800-820-8668 to ask when the bank near of you and you can learn how to use it or transfer money online via http://www.westernunion.com


Note: When you want to choose this payment method,please you can complet the order, then you can see the detail payment info or you can email us get the more detail before.


04. Money Gram

We accept Moneygram very well. It is easy and fast payment mothed. You can learn how to use it and transfer money online:  http://www.moneygram.com


First,call and find your local recent Moneygram bank or cooperative bank, then complete the order. Second, when make the order then go to the step of the payment, you can get the more detail info or email to us get our detail info. 


05. Bank Wire Transfer (T/T)


Wire Transfers is bank to bank payment mothed. You can go to your local any bank to wire. Sometime wire have to pass the middle bank,the wire complete will take 3-5 or 5-7 working days.


Note: If you would like to make a payment by Wire Transfer.Please complete the order then you can see the detail info or email to us get our Bank Wire info.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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Sincerely, Sidavi Store Administrator- Mr.Chen